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Custom 3D Models – Available UK Wide

From small 3D model of few streets in Waterloo to 30km2 3D model of Cambridge, we can assist. Simply draw an area on a map, send it to us and we will come back to you with a quote.

Examples of Custom 3D models
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3D Models of London in 0.25 km2 Tiles

3D Models of Central London available in 0.25 km2 tiles. Level 2 tiles from £250 + VAT, Level 3 tiles from £500 + VAT. AutoCad solid .DWG, SketchUp .SKP, or .FBX formats.

Level 2 Models
Level 3 Models
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Wide Area High Detail 3D Model of London

Two versions of this 3D Model cover 25 km2 and 40 kmrespectively. Available on a 3 year subscription. Accurate to 15cm, this dataset is always updated from latest aerial imagery. On the market now from £1,000 + VAT / month.

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25 kmBase 3D Model of London

Manually captured from 2016 High-Res imagery, this light and detailed 3D Model covers 25 km2. Accurate to 200 cm, delivered as .DWG, .SKP, .FBX or UE4 files.

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