Level 3 High Detail 3D Model of London


Level 3 High Detail 3D Model of London is currently being captured from the latest 2016 High-Res imagery and will cover 25 km2.

The dataset is accurate to 15 cm in all axis and includes correct main roof shapes of buildings and accurate separated terrain. 3D Model will be enlarged, updated & upgraded during 3 year contract.

Level 3 High Detail 3D Model of London will be available on 3 year, company-wide multiple use licence.

Please Note: This 3D Model is available on 36 months contract @ £1,000 + VAT / month. Your Pre-Order will ensure 10% Discount and will be used to pay first 3 months of your subscription. 25 km2 3D Model will be delivered on 30/09/2017 and Pre-Order customers will get early access.

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25 km2 of Central London
Enlarged, Updated & Upgraded during 3 year contract
Manually captured from latest 2016 Aerial Survey
15cm accuracy
3D model with all roof structures accurately captured
10 Selected landmarks with facades / textured
3 year company-wide multiple use licence
Easy to use, available in SKP, CAD, FBX formats
Unreal Engine 4 version included
3D Print ready