Anstey Horne is one of the UK’s leading providers of specialist surveying services and with offices in London, Birmingham and Bristol, they recently boosted their capabilities in the Midlands by subscribing to Plan.City Birmingham. The Digital Birmingham 3D model is accurate to 10 centimetres and covers 9 square kilometres of the city centre. Anstey Horne have added consented and proposed schemes to the base model to create a unique representation of how the City will develop in the future. This allows them to  offer rapid consultancy services in this area plus they can extend all services to other parts of Birmingham and the Midlands with very quick delivery times.

Custom Future Skyline Layer

Anstey Horne have been a subscriber to the 3D model of London data set for some time now. Licensing this brand new 3D city model means Anstey Horne can serve its clients quicker and with less overheads than other consultancies. 

As Stephen Mealings, senior director at Anstey Horne said: “Our interactive 3D model of Birmingham is a huge asset to our neighbourly’ matters and rights to light consultancy work in the Midlands. We are creating a unique product that will serve our customers even better. We are currently building upon the data set by adding consented schemes and building our own unique future skyline of Birmingham.”

3D City Model for Digital Birmingham

AccuCities 3D city model of Birmingham is the latest addition to our 3D cities library. Mapped by hand from the latest aerial survey, the city model is ideal for any AEC customers. Models are delivered as digital downloads in a variety of most common file formats used by architects and urban designers.

“As 3D Birmingham dataset subscribers, Anstey Horne can conduct their work on unlimited projects with direct access to our CAD Birmingham City Model.” says Sandor Petroczi from AccuCities. “Subscribers also get access to the front-end and the back-end of the Plan.City App. This enables them to build their own bespoke City Twin applications and tools on top of the app. Custom Future Skyline layer for Birmingham or even earlier developed VSC calculator and VSC façade mapping tools built on top of Plan.City London app are truly innovative and result in a significant competitive advantage.” 

AccuCities City Subscription packages are designed to support and encourage these kinds of efforts. Our licence allows unlimited number of users, direct access to 3D city CAD data and fully customisable Plan.City app

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