Our 3D London and other AccuCities city models are often described as engineering models. However, few rare artists see these models as a 3D canvas to use when creating their artworks. One of them is certainly Brazilian Architect and Urbanist Angélica Day Sena. She used free 3D London model and free Twinmotion software to create these beautiful art renders.

Free tools to create beautiful & unique artworks

AccuCities 3D London sample represents an area of 1 square kilometre of the real-world city. It covers unique architectural landmarks such as The Shard of London, which is the tallest skyscraper in Western Europe, London Bridge and even half of the Tate Modern. The sample is available in AutoCAD.dwg, Sketchup.skp or .fbx format. But also in Twinmotion format which is a visualisation software powered by Unreal Engine 4.  It is free to use for anybody creating architectural visualisation, but it can also be used to create artwork. It is available to download for free here.

Working with AccuCities 3D city models

“ I only have compliments.” said Angélica Day Sena, a Brazilian architect who created these pieces of artwork. “From the moment I started working with your city models, I have developed a series of artistic experiences, both graphic and video, which have positively surprised me. The amazing thing is that I’m doing this with Twinmotion, guys. I know that most use the software for realistic renderings, but I have experienced some effects of the software for artistic applications. I started with London models and after seeing all their potential, I downloaded other cities too :). With the models and the Twinmotion I ended up developing a fluid creative process, dynamic and with multiple possibilities. Gratitude, that’s the word! Thanks to the entire AccuCities team for the products offered. Honestly, I am very happy and satisfied! Here are some images from my production.” added Day Sena.

Seeing City skyline as 3D canvas

The Director of AccuCities, Michal Konicek, highlights: “Creative minds, like Angélica Day Sena, have shown that solely using free tools such as our 3D city models and Twinmotion software, enables people to create beautiful artistic pieces and artwork. In fact, we like their artwork to such an extent that we decided to buy the rights to these artworks. We have just test-printed some of them and we will be sending these printouts to our customers throughout 2021.”