Both of our 25km² 3D Models of London are now confirmed for launch on the 28th of September. I can hardly contain my excitement that we are finally here – big thank you to the team and all who helped to get this project this far.

When we started AccuCities 4 months ago, we published pre-order deals to give early adopters of our 3D models a leg-up (and to show our appreciation for their essential early support). As this pre-order phase ends September 30th, now is the time to take advantage of these early bird deals with guaranteed delivery of 3D data by the end of the month.

10% off High Detail 3D Model of London

25km² High Detail 3D Model of London is captured from the latest 2016 High-Res imagery. The 3D Model will be continuously updated & upgraded and will be enlarged to cover 40km² throughout 2018. The dataset is available as AutoCad, SketchUp or .FBX files. For state-of the-art presentations and simulations, this 3D Model of London is also supplied imported into Unreal Engine 4.

Our High Detail 3D Model of London now includes Future City Skyline layer.

Pre-order Now with 10% discount for £900 + VAT / month / 36 months subscription. Find out more >

£2,000 off Base 3D Model of London

Our low poly, affordable Base 3D Model of London covers 25km² and is ideal for VFX, CGI and architectural studios that require wide area London model. The dataset is structured in 500 x 500 meters tiles – that means that data can be easy upgraded tile by tile, producing high value CGIs on smaller budgets. Available on 5 year, company-wide multiple use licence.

On the market September 2017 for £6,996 + VAT. Pre-order Now for £4,995 + VAT. Find out more >