The Institute for Digital Archaeology, in collaboration with the UK Permanent Mission to the United Nations, has open a new exhibition at the United Nations in New York City on August 6th, 2018.

We are proud to have collaborated on this exhibition which featured a 3D London animations, VR experience of London through the Ages, as well as a large scale 3D printed model of the city. We have also created renders and animations showcasing IDAs recreated Palmyra Arch which has previously been erected in London.

About The Institute for Digital Archaeology

Digital archaeology represents the natural evolution of classical archaeology, permitting researchers to look at ancient objects in entirely new ways — to uncover hidden inscriptions, invisible paint lines, the faintest palimpsests — and to share these discoveries with the world. Beyond that, digital technologies can put these crucially important repositories of our cultural identity and shared history forever beyond the reach of those who would destroy them. The Institute for Digital Archaeology (IDA) was founded to promote, improve and expand these important new digital tools.

Consistent with this mission, the IDA, through projects like the Million Image Database, has created accessible digital archives that encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and the crowd-sourcing of research through partnerships with institutions across the globe.
In addition, through stakeholder-led initiatives like our Triumphal Arch project, we have demonstrated our capacity to provide high quality and meaningful reconstructions of objects and architecture lost to vandalism or natural disaster.

The IDA stands at the forefront of the development and use of digital imaging, 3D printing and robotic carving techniques for the cataloguing, conservation and reconstruction of treasured heritage materials. By expanding our programs to include more sites, additional technologies, and a greater range of local, national and international partners, the IDA aims to retain its status as a global leader in the field of cultural heritage preservation.