Today we are adding 2 km² of 3D data to our High Detail 3D Model of London, bringing the overall size of the model 6 km². All early access subscribers will be receiving this data this week – we cannot wait to see what you guys can do with it!

In addition to this model, 3 km² of Canary Wharf will be available as early as next week. You can just about make it out in the distance in one of the renders below.

Why subscribe to our High Detail 3D Model of London

Subscription to our 3D data is ideal for customers who require always up-to-date, detailed and accurate wide area 3D Model of London. The subscription offers direct access to 25km² of City model from September 2017, growing to 40km² throughout 2018. The data is available in DWG (solids), SKP, FBX or UE4 formats, structured in easy to use 500 x 500 meters tiles. The subscription is for 3 years and costs £1,000 + VAT / month.

Pre-Order for £900 + VAT / month / 36 month subscription | More Info

Download the 0.25 km2 sample (TQ3280SE including The Shard and London Bridge, see interactive sample below) here.