AccuCities presents a brand new 3D Model of London

AccuCities is a London tech start-up, focusing on capturing accurate and detailed 3D city models. Starting in London, this beautiful High Detail 3D Model is manually captured, using photogrammetry, from the latest 2016 high-res aerial survey of London. All visible features of the roofs are modelled, including chimneys, parapet walls and dormer windows. The 3D Model is accurate to an incredible 15 centimetres in each axis.

The 3D Model is platform neutral. This animation is from an app created in Unreal Engine 4, but to fit their workflow, customers can chose to buy the dataset as autocad, sketchup, fbx or Unreal Engine 4 files. Depending on their needs, customers can buy a subscription to the entire dataset or chose small sections of the model and purchase those only. Prices for quarter square kilometer tiles of this High Detail 3D Model start at £500/ tile and the subscription to the entire dataset starts from £1,000 /  month.

As the entire 3D Model is georeferenced and loaded into a game engine, it is easy to simulate changes in the environment such as the time of the day and its respective accurate overshadowing and changing lighting conditions.

The 3D Model currently covers 6 km². In September this year, the 3D Model will cover these 22 km² of Central London, covering entire City of London and large parts of Westminster and Southwark.

3 km² of the Canary Wharf area are also already available to both subscribers and customers.
AccuCities can capture 3D Models like these anywhere in London, in the UK or in the world. Visit for more information about all levels of detail we can provide. On the website you can also directly buy this 3D model and get a quote for 3D Models that are not yet in our library.