New 3D London samples cover full square kilometer

In little over 2 years our 500 x 500 meters 3D London model sample has been downloaded over 2,500 times. Initially made available only to potential customers, some time ago we have allowed the Free 3D London model sample to be used for any purpose, including commercial projects, 3D printing or various pilots ...

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3D City Model for Avison Young’s digital Dublin

The global real estate advisory firm has added another tool to its belt with the launch of an interactive 3D model of Dublin. The bespoke digital twin, made by modelling tech company AccuCities, allows Avison Young to view and manipulate the city’s current and proposed skyline on the go. Michal Konicek, who ...

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The Tulip in 3D London Future Skyline Layer

The Tulip by Foster + Partners is the latest addition to AccuCities Future Skyline Layer. We continually collect information on all major consented developments in Central London. To AccuCities 3D Model of London subscribers the Future Skyline Layer is delivered as part of our service. Where available we make this data available to customers ...

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Coming Soon: New 3D Model Measurement Tool

AccuCities 3D Model of London subscribers have direct access to over 50 square kilometers of constantly updated and upgraded CAD 3D models. Our London app created in Unreal Engine 4 so far offered mainly an easy way to visualise the as-built environment from both pedestrian and birds eye view, with additional functionalities ...

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Introducing Next Generation 3D Models

Communication of ideas often requires 3D context models that are not just accurate but also instantly recognisable. Next Generation Context Models of as-built environments are textured, with all main architectural features 3D modelled yet with light geometry so the 3D model can be used in interactive applications. This ...

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First Tiles of 3D London Model 2019 Enlargement

AccuCities 3D London Model 2019 is under way. Our Central London 3D Model currently covers 40 square kilometers. The model will be enlarged by additional 20 km2 to 60 square kilometers throughout 2019. First 8 tiles have been added today and will be delivered to our subscribers throughout next week. Map of ...

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First Look: 3D London Data Overlays

3D Model of London in Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) app can be overlay with almost any open source, private or commercial datasets. These examples show overlays of PTAL Rating, City of London Borough Boundary and illustrative London Underground lines.

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London Skyline with Future Landmark Developments

We collect information on all major consented developments in Central London as part of our service to AccuCities 3D Model of London subscribers. This gives our customers the ability to plan and design their projects with the understanding of future constrains and likely environmental changes. London's skyline is growing incredibly fast and ...

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6 km² 3D Model of Central London

Today we are adding 2 km² of 3D data to our High Detail 3D Model of London, bringing the overall size of the model 6 km². All early access subscribers will be receiving this data this week - we cannot wait to see what you guys can do with it! In addition to ...

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London 3D Model – Test render of 4 km2

Work in Progress - latest animations of 4km2 extents of the Wide Area High Detail 3D Model of London. The 3 new Tiles of this 3D Model are still going through final stages of Quality Check and Quality Assurance. The 3D Model update will be made available to Wide Area High Detail 3D Model ...

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