3D Model of London in 0.25 km² tiles

2017-08-09T13:15:47+00:00August 9th, 2017|Design, Presentations, Videos|

Accucities 3D Model of London has many unique features. This video talks about one of them - it's Tile structure. The 3D Model currently covers 6 km², growing to 25 km² by the end of September this year. The 3D data is organised in 0.25 km² tiles. This allows for easy and efficient use of the 3D mod ...

London 3D Model – Test render of 4 km2

2020-02-13T05:07:38+00:00June 13th, 2017|3D Models, Videos|

Work in Progress - latest animations of 4km2 extents of the Wide Area High Detail 3D Model of London. The 3 new Tiles of this 3D Model are still going through final stages of Quality Check and Quality Assurance. The 3D Model update will be made available to Wide Area High Detail 3D Model of London ...

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