Rockhunter has provided illustration services for architects, interior designers, property developers, property agents and marketing consultancies in planning, design development and marketing of architecture and interior design for over 18 years. To better serve their customers, they routinely use AccuCities Context 3D Models in all aspects of their planning and design work. They are open about what makes our context models ideal for their work.

Working with AccuCities Context 3D Models for Planning

Rockhunter has been highly positive about their work with AccuCities. They have praised not just the accuracy, level of detail and the general cleanliness of our context 3D models but also appreciate that the site models are delivered geo-referenced to Ordnance Survey coordinates.

“We work a lot with planning applications, where it’s important to have a reliable, trustworthy and professional technology partner.” says Wolfgang Haak, Planning Lead at Rockhunter. “Our recent custom order of an Accucities model was turned around head of schedule, which is a rare commodity in this business! Very happy with the level of detail, and especially the cleanliness of the model. There are no gaps, inverted/double polygons/geometry or other shenanigans that I’ve seen elsewhere, just clean, welded and really well layered geometry. As part of a thoroughly professional service, the model is OS referenced, (X,Y,Z) so we could start using it both in in our CAD and visualization software with ease and confidence. I’m very impressed by all aspects of the service and the modelling, and I’m happy to recommend Accucities to any professional we’re working with.”

About Rockhunter

Rockhunter is an Architectural Visualisation Studio based in South West London, specialising in bespoke photo real architectural visualisations. They have a strong portfolio of luxury interior visualisations, exterior marketing images as well as the London specific Accurate Visual Representation (LVMF compliant) planning images. Depending on project size and budget, Rockhunter can also create architectural animations with live actors, facilitate model shoots and architectural photography.

For more information visit their Website or LinkedIn page.