To celebrate AccuCities 3rd birthday, every new customer will receive a 3D Printed London model as a Welcome gift absolutely FREE! Professionally 3D printed in London, our city tiles are made as 14 x 14 cm objects, making them a perfect table-top decoration for any architect or a property professional. Just another reason to switch to AccuCities 3D city models!

Choice of two 3D Printed London models

New customers can choose 1 of 2 areas; either a 500 x 500 meters London Bridge with the Shard and The Place (part of our 3D London model sample) or the 500 x 500 meters City of London tower cluster with Future Skyline. Future Skyline contains all consented developments planned for this area of the Square Mile.

3D prints for Existing and Non-paying customers

“Over the last few months we have sent hundreds of 3D prints to our existing customers. If you are an existing customer of AccuCities and haven’t received your 3D printed model yet, do let me know and I will try to send you one as soon as I can.” says Rachel Rowson, AccuCities Operations Manager. “If you are not a paying customer but have downloaded and/or used one of our free 3D city models samples, there are ways you can get your hands on one of these 3D prints. Do get in touch with me and I will be delighted to discuss.”

Customer Photos

Here are just some of the Customer photos of the 3D London prints. We will be adding more as we discover them :) Click on photos to open the source.

No Code or Voucher is necessary, all new paying customers qualify automatically. Read more about our 3D Printed Model of London or Visit our London Gallery for more renders.