The concept of a Cardiff Digital City Twin is to provide a digital representation of a real-world urban location. Oasis 2020 allows Digital Twins of real-world sites to be viewed in an interactive 3D environment. Oasis Cities provide an inclusive service for the development of software for infrastructure and utility organisations. The team behind the project have a proven track record of delivering cost effective, reliable systems that help build and maintain assets. Over 20 years of experience spans the UK water sector, electricity supply, oil exploration, construction and transportation across the UK and worldwide.

In order to create these Digital Twins – specific site locations were identified and Level 4 models were created by created by Oasis Cities team in-house. Because a Digital Twin provides a realistic digital view of a location, Oasis 2020 users are able to investigate the suitability of potential site locations without on-site visits.

Site-centred Digital Twins

A number of sites were re-created as Level 4 models by the customer to improve the accuracy (and look) at these locations. The site models were created by dhp11 to a level of detail that allowed building features to be easily identified, ultimately allowing site designers to place components (i.e. Antennas, Masts, etc). Combined with data provided by AccuCities, this provides a realistic view of the sites and their surrounding buildings.

Importance of High Detail City 3D Models

Comparison of a low resolution 3D model created by extruding footprint polygons of buildings from 2D map (left) and AccuCities Level 3 models of the Cardiff City area (right) illustrates the importance of using professional 3D city models. These 3D models are fully licences to the customer and can be accessed directly to rapidly provide accurate and detailed 3D representation of the city for this digital twin application.