3D Printed Model of London

AccuCities 3D London Model has been 3D printed in 14 by 14 cm tiles. Customers can buy any part of the model as a stand-alone tile or connect multiple tiles to build a larger model. Tiles are fully modular and can be easily attached to each other using built-in magnets, hung from a wall or left on a table top as a contemporary decoration.

3D Printed London model was produced in two sizes. Large model tiles have larger buildings and cover 500 by 500 metres of real-world London. Small model tiles cover a much wider area of 1,000 by 1,000 metres and therefore have smaller buildings. This allows you to chose a 3D print suitable to your needs, preference and available space.

6 Square Kilometers of London

For our prototype we have 3D Printed 6 square kilometres – 24 Large model tiles and 6 Small model tiles. All prototype tiles were 3D Printed in London using professional SLS 3D Printers. The tiles are well made from a sturdy and durable plastic, making them a perfect gift for architects, real-estate professionals and all others who love this fantastic city. With our background in city planning, we are able to include major consented and under-construction landmarks in our models.

Tile TQ3180

This tile includes Tate Modern, currently under construction One Blackfriars and the consented Jenga Tower development.

Tile TQ3381

This tile covers City of London tower cluster and includes consented and under construction skyscrapers all the way to 2025.

Tile TQ3181

This tile covers a large part of the City of London and includes Royal Courts of Justice and Smithfield Market.

Tile TQ3280

This tile covers large parts of Southwark on the south bank and City of London on the north bank of the River Thames.

Tile TQ3281

This tile covers a large part of the City of London and includes St Paul’s Cathedral, Barbican Centre and Bank of England.

Tile TQ3380

This tile covers large parts of Southwark and includes Walkie-Talkie, Tower of London and Tower Bridge.