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Level 4 3D Models of London

Level 4 Facaded 3D Buildings & London Sites are available for sites anywhere within the M25.

Level 4 models are based on our Level 3 High Detail 3D Model of London and upgraded using combination of custom high-res photographs and terrestrial photogrammetry. All features are 3D Modelled, separated, materials are associated with geometry and where needed, the 3D models are textured. 3D Models, elevations and features are accurate to 15 cm in all axis.

Level 3 High Detail 3D Model of London of terrain and immediate neighbouring properties is also included. Available in FBX, SKP or UE4 formats.

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Work in Progress Examples:

We use Level 3 3D Models as a basic 3D canvas for Level 4 3D Models upgrade and we don’t cut any corners. The resulting 3D Models will be of the highest possible quality with materials, textures, reflexive and transparent materials all accurately captured. Here are few renders from our Level 4 development. 

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