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AccuCities 3D Model of London in Tiles

3D Model of London structured in 0.25 km2 tiles. AutoCad solid, SketchUp or FBX formats. Fast 1 day delivery!
Level 2 tiles from £250 + VAT, Level 3 tiles from £500 + VAT.

Buy 3D London Tiles

Custom 3D Models – Available UK Wide

Use our Quoting Tool to send us z map mark-up. 0.1 km2 (330 x 330 meters) 3D Model now only £500 + VAT. Available anywhere in the United Kingdom.
Average Custom 3D Model delivery time: 6 days.

AccuCities Quoting Tool - 3D City models

25 km sq Base 3D Model of London

Manually captured from 2016 imagery, this 3D Model covers 25 km2. Light, Detailed & Accurate to 200 cm, the model is easy to work with and fantastic value at less than £200 / km sq. Delivered as .DWG, .SKP or .FBX files.

More info about Level 1 Base 3D Model of London

High Detail 3D London Subscription

Subscribers get direct access to 3D Model covering 50+ kmof central London. Accurate to 15cm, dataset is always updated from latest aerial imagery. Company-wide licence from £1,000 + VAT / month.

More info about 3D Model of London Subscription
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