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In little over 2 years, AccuCities have worked with with over 160 customers on  1,100 (and counting) small and medium-size 3D context models for sites all over the United Kingdom. We have also captured over 60 square kilometers of widely used High detail 3D London model. Not to mention our complain rate below 0.3% or our 5 star Google rating.

Despite this success, we have stayed approachable and easy to talk to. To ensure your query reach the correct person, for General enquiries please use contacts or website form. If you know the person you want to talk to you can contact individual team members further down the page.

Customer Support & Sales

There is a lot to consider when purchasing or commissioning a 3D City model. From 3D formats, levels of detail, accuracy requirements and delivery times to licencing options. We are here to assist Contact Form

3D City Models Consultants

Capture of a 3D city model is inherently complex project. Who is the final user of the 3D city model? How is the model going to be used and updated? What is the most suitable source data data, available technology to capture, display and exploit the data, what are the expected production times, costs and investment returns. There are hundreds of crucial decisions on variables like these that can greatly alter the scope, usability and cost of the project.

The combined expertise of our team makes us the ideal consultants for your 3D City modelling project. We can help you navigate most of these issues and tailor the advice to fully suit your project. The initial consultation is free, do get in touch to arrange.

3D City Models for Students and Non-profits

The cost of accurate 3D city models can be prohibitive to students and non-commercial projects. For most projects, our Free 3D Model of London Sample offers large enough dataset to work with. We encourage you to download this sample data to see whether our 3D city models suit your needs.  But sometimes your project needs a 3D model of a specific site.

We offer significant discount (even full sponsorship) for experimenters, hackathons, competitions, students and other non-commercial users. Please get in touch to discuss further.

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Michal Konicek
Michal KonicekDirector
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Sandor PetrocziDirector
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Rachel RowsonOperations Manager
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Brais Brenlla RamosLead UE4 Developer
Milo Spisz
Milo Spisz3D Modelling Lead