Free 3D Model of London Sample Download

Tile TQ3280 is a free 3D London model sample and covers 1,000 x 1,000 meters area. It can be used to evaluate our 3D data, compare Levels of Detail, test compatibility or just to play around. Sample in all Levels of Detail can be downloaded in AutoCad solid, SketchUp and FBX format. I is also available as UE4 Project files as well as Interactive 3D Model app.

Our Free 3D city model samples are now licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

3D Model of London Renders

Latest overview renders of our 3D Model of London + Work-In-Progress renders of latest Future Skyline additions. Future Skyline Layer (See Video above) is FREE to our 3D Model of London subscribers. Available as CAD models or imported into Unreal Engine 4 App. Continue to London 3D Model Gallery >

Base 3D Model of London Gallery

Base 3D Model of London is a great option if large 3D model of London is required on a limited budget. The Base model has been manually captured, covers 25 km2 and is fully modular with our higher-level 3D models. Continue to Base Model Gallery >

City models data overlays

3D Model of London in UE4 app can be overlay with almost any open source, private or commercial datasets.

3D Printed London Gallery

Our 3D Printed baby: 24 tiles (6 square kilometres) of our Level 3 3D Model, skilfully 3D Printed in London using professional 3D Printers. Tiles are fully modular and can be easily attached to each other using built-in magnets, hung from a wall or left on a table top as a contemporary decoration. This 3D Model has represented AccuCities at London Built, RICS, UK Mapping Festival and even at the UN in New York.  Continue to 3D Printed Model Gallery >

Level 4 Models Gallery

All features on Level 4 models are 3D modelled, separated, materials are associated with geometry and where needed, the 3D models are textured. 3D Models, elevations and features are accurate to 15 cm in all axis.

Case Studies & Examples of Use

3D Model of London on YouTube & Vimeo

Top Architects use AccuCities 3D City Models