The global real estate advisory firm has added another tool to its belt with the launch of an interactive 3D model of Dublin.

The bespoke digital twin, made by modelling tech company AccuCities, allows Avison Young to view and manipulate the city’s current and proposed skyline on the go. Michal Konicek, who found the company in 2017 with Sandor Petroczi, said: “We very likely owe our existence to Avison Young. They were our very first 3D London subscriber and without their help we would probably never get the London model off the ground. I am therefore really pleased that we were able to assist them with the Dublin 3D model production. As always, we will keep on working on upgrading and expanding the model as needed.”

The model is aimed at enabling clients of Avison Young to make faster, more cost-effective, and informed decisions at the early design stage of projects.

Immensely capable tool for early stages of planning

The firm use the model to support clients in relation to planning and site viability analysis, enabling rapid evaluation of planning, townscape and daylight and sunlight matters. It will also be used to assist Avison Young to rapidly assess how to make effective use of development sites, to ensure the most efficient use of land, in consideration of the Dublin City Development Plan.

Mark Feighery, managing director of rights of light at Avison Young, said the 3D model is an “immensely capable tool which will be of tremendous benefit to our Irish client base, particularly at the feasibility and viability stage.

“It facilitates early-stage, cost-effective decision-making processes, particularly with regards to site evaluation, adding to the wide-ranging consultation services Avison Young provides to its clients. Over the next few months will be adding a host of bespoke interactive datasets that are specific to Dublin.”

Company-wide use of the 3D Dublin model

Avison Young has also announced that it is expanding its specialised and market leading daylight and sunlight consultancy in Ireland, of which Feighery will be leading.

The firm believes this new investment reflects the growing demand for these services in the Irish market, at a time when there are calls for ever greater height and density, and how that may impact upon the wellbeing of occupants.

Robert McLoughlin, principal of planning, development & regeneration at Avison Young, said: “We believe the digital model, our specialist daylight and sunlight offering, coupled with our planning consultancy will assist both the private and public sector in unlocking sites quickly and efficiently to streamline design proposals.”

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