Most up-to-date 3D Model of London is currently underway with AccuCities 3D Model of London update from 2019 aerial imagery. First 20 square kilometers are now available in tiles. Free Update of CAD files has been already delivered to AccuCities subscribers with update scheduled to complete by the end of the year.

3D Model of London updated from the latest 2019 survey

Our customers rely on the accuracy and high detail of our datasets. For AccuCities, creating a 3D city model is always just a beginning of our task ahead. Just like their physical twins, 3D city models are an ever changing environments requiring regular updates and upgrades. Our 3D Model of London has always been the most up-to-date model on the market, made in 2017 from then latest aerial imagery captured in August 2016. To keep this mantle of the most accurate, detailed & up-to-date 3D city model of London, earlier this year we have embarked on the update of the entire 60 square kilometers models, using the imagery fro the latest aerial survey of London conducted in July 2019.

Tile TQ3381 SW spans over small 500 x 500 meters area of the city and neatly covers most of the City of London tower cluster. It was therefore an obvious candidate to illustrate the amount of change over the past 3 years.” says Milo Spisz, AccuCities 3D Modelling Lead. “We of course knew what is coming – me and my team have been regularly updating this dataset as part of our Future Skyline layer. There are no publicly available 3D models of these developments and so we produce them from planning plans, drawings and sometimes even from marketing renders. It is actually a credit to all working on these landmark London developments as they really match our predictions to a few centimeters on a skyscraper.”

Up to date 3D London models for all customers

AccuCities 3D London model subscribers received first 20 square kilometers as a free dataset update over the last month. They will receive the rest of the dataset by the end of the year. These updates (just like any other upgrade, update or enlargement) are delivered as part of their subscription package. Customers buying 3D London in tiles will be purchasing 2019 tiles automatically as they are becoming available.

“Our main concern is to supply our customers with digital city models they can rely on with confidence.” says Sandor Petroczi, AccuCities Director. “Having a 10 year old city model is of a very limited use to planners and architects. No matter how accurately it was produced to begin with, if the building has been replaced 4 years ago you simply cannot rely on the model any longer. That is why we are keen to update our digital city twins models as often as we can. The investment to do this is of course significant but it gives our customers real competitive advantage. We understand that they need this reliable dataset and it is one of the reasons why 8 out of 10 customers buy from us repetitively.”

The 2020 update of AccuCities 3D London model goes much beyond confirming the Future Skyline layer accuracy. It highlighted incredible amount of change and we were able to recapture buildings previously under scaffolding, we are capturing changes that we didn’t know about and a large number of small developments and extensions. All changes were manually captured using stereo photogrammetry, postprocessed and added to our library of Level 2 and Level 3 models.

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