High Detail 3D Model of London

High Detail 3D Model of London is captured from the latest 2016 High-Res imagery. This model is currently the only wide area 3D model of London captured from single source survey dataset in uniform high level of detail. Customers get over 60 km2 of always updated and upgraded 3D Model of London.

The dataset is accurate to 15 cm in all axis and includes all roof features accurately captured. The terrain is captured using same photogrammetry technique and source imagery and is separated into land use. The model can be supplied as AutoCad solid .DWG, SketchUp .SKP and .FBX files for easy editing. For state-of the-art presentations and simulations, this 3D Model of London is also supplied imported into Unreal Engine 4.

Full dataset is available on a 12 month, company-wide multiple use licence. Updates to dataset and Unreal Engine 4 app are delivered every 1-2 months. See list of updates here.

Features of High Detail 3D Model of London Subscription

File formats to suit your workflow

The Wide Area 3D Model is delivered in AutoCad Solid DWG, SketchUp SKP and Filmbox FBX formats for easy editing that suits most workflows. The 3D Model is easy to import into Revit, 3D Studio Max, Maya or Cinema 4D. 

Company-wide Multi-use Licence

Our licence allows unlimited number of users within the company to use of the 3D Model data on multiple projects. Tailor-made for Architects, Developers and Building consultants who either work on many projects in London or require large high detail 3D Model of London for their projects. 

Uniform, Detailed & Accurate 3D model

The High Detail 3D Model of London is made of Level 3 models across the entire dataset. The uniformity of level of detail is a unique feature of our wide area model. Whether your project is in Parliament Square or Elephant & Castle, the 3D model will be the same accurate and detailed Level 3 model with 15 cm accuracy.

Easy to Use 3D data structured in Tiles

The files are structured in 500 x 500 meters (0.25 km2) tiles which correspond to OS National Grid, allowing for easy editing of the areas you would like to work on without loading the entire 3D city model. It also allows for easy replacement of an area with higher detail / higher accuracy models, whether purchased from us or third parties.  

Continual Updates & Upgrades Included

All subscribers receive updates and upgrades to the 3D model through the subscription period. Update usually contains areas of change which has been recaptured to reflect the environment today. Upgrade is usually of Buildings models from Level 3 to Level 4, but can be upgrade of a terrain file, statues or Future Skyline buildings.

Future Skyline Layer Included

3D Models of consented and under construction landmark developments are included in the AccuCities App, allowing customers to design and visualise for London of future. Constantly reviewed and updated, Future Skyline layer now includes Battersea, Nine Elms, Southbank, Blackfriers, City of London and Canary Wharf.

3D Model of London in Unreal Engine 4

High Detail 3D Model of London comes imported into Unreal Engine 4 environment and customers get both Front end and Back and of the App. This allows for easy viewing of the entire 3D Model, importing your projects in, creating interactive visualisations, databases overlays and many more functionalities. Customers can create own tools.

3D Print ready

The 3D Model of London is made with high-end 3D printing in mind. Files are easy to print using most office and professional 3D Printers. Because the 3D Model is structured in tiles, you can easily build larger models using printers with smaller build volume. 

20% Discount on all AccuCities products and services

Subscribers to High Detail 3D Model of London receive 20% off our entire range of products and services. Whether you need higher detail 3D models for Central London, Level 3 models outside of the subscription area or need a 3D Model of different city in United Kingdom, 20% discount will apply to your order.

60 km2 High Detail 3D Model from £1,000 / month

Save over 30% by purchasing 1 year subscription in single payment!
Large 3D London dataset for the equivalent of £1,000 + VAT / month

Always updated and upgraded.
Accurate to 15 cm
AutoCad solid, SketchUp or FBX files
Custom Unreal Engine 4 App – Make your own Apps!

Spread the cost of access to 3D Model of London by paying monthly.
60 km2 High Detail 3D Model for £1,500 + VAT / month.

Always updated and upgraded.
Accurate to 15 cm
AutoCad solid, SketchUp or FBX files
Custom Unreal Engine 4 App – Make your own Apps!