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Free 1 km2 textured 3D Model of London Samples. Tile TQ3280 consists of four 0.25 km2 – TQ3280SE, TQ3280SW, TQ3280NE, TQ3280NW.

Included in the 3D Model: The Shard, Southwark Cathedral, Tate Modern or Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. River Thames is crossed by Millennium Bridge, Southwark Bridge, Cannon Street Railway Bridge and of course, London Bridge. Also includes Monument Station, Cannon Street Station and recently upgraded London Bridge station.

File Format: FBX
Levels of Detail: Textured Level 3

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3D London Samples by 3D London | AccuCities is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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This free textured 3D London model (OS Tile TQ3280) includes 4 x 0.25 km2 tiles: TQ3280SE, TQ3280SW, TQ3280NE, TQ3280NW. These tiles are part of our 60 km sq wide area 3D city model of Central London, mapped by AccuCities from 2019 aerial survey data. All features accurately captured with up to 15cm accuracy (Level 3). 3D terrain mapped using stereo photogrammetry, following surface changes (curbs, path edges, grass edges etc.) and separated into layers.

Textured 3D London model – Editable & UV mapped

What makes AccuCities textured 3D model of London so unique is its accuracy and editability. We have used oblique aerial imagery to texture our Level 3 city model, which means that the 15 cm accuracy of this model is retained in the textured model. The model is structured in easy-to-use 500 x 500 meters tiles and its separation into terrain (and its land use) and individual buildings are also retained.

The revolutionary set-up of this 3D model means that, for the first time ever, users can turn buildings on and off. How would south bank of London bridge look like without the iconic 1 London Bridge? Difficult and expensive to do this yesterday, few clicks today. You can easily replace buildings with your designs and visualise recognisable views from the proposed building in seconds. And as a cherry on a top, the 3D model is fully UV mapped, which means you can upgrade any part of the model with your photographs. Re-texture buildings to visualise alternative facade designs or prepare a scene for an animated movie. The possibilities are endless.

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