Brand new textured 3D Model of London 2021 is the latest version of AccuCities digital city model which has been in continuous development for over 3 years. This long-awaited dataset has been created using our large and detailed Level 3 city model and the latest high-resolution oblique imagery.

Because the model is produced as an upgrade of our Level 3 model, the result is a 3D model wrapped in editable textures. That means that unlike previously produced textured London models, AccuCities textured 3D Model of London still retains its light-weight geometry and high accuracy.

Textured 3D London – Scheduled for the first half of 2021

Texturing a 3D city model is no easy undertaking, especially texturing a digital model produced in CAD format and from oblique aerial photographs captured separately from the nadir stereo photographs from which the original model was mapped. The 60 square kilometers of textured 3D London model will take 5 months to complete.

“We have been developing a production line to texture our 3D London model for some 14 months,” says Sandor Petroczi, AccuCities Director. “We have decided to texture our existing Level 3 model to keep the clean geometry and usability that our customers are used to. To do this we had to first create a way to efficiently UV map the entire dataset. This has to be done in objects so each building or block of buildings has a separate UV map. Although we use automated processes where we can, this is still a process with a heavy-manual input. It will therefore take us the first half of 2021 to complete.”

AccuCities 3D London dataset subscribers can expect first textured 3D London data deliveries (yellow area) by the end of January and delivery of the last (green) area by the end of May 2021.

Evolution of AccuCities 3D Model of London

AccuCities manages 3D Model of London for variety of business customers including architects, urban planners and planning consultants but also for visual FX studios, 4D/5D planning, advertising agencies and content producers.

“We are constantly improving our 3D Model of London,” continues Sandor. “Our original 3D model of London produced from 2016 survey has only been updated from 2019 aerial survey last year. And on top of it we curate Future Skyline layer, our dataset of 3D models of major consented developments. Whether our customers buy 3D models or subscribe to our entire 3D London dataset, they always receive the most up-to-date 3D model possible, including many planned and under-construction developments. The textured London model represents the natural next step in the evolution of this city model.”

How much does the textured 3D London model cost?

The price for a textured 3D London model is set at £4,000+VAT per square kilometer. Minimum order size is the same as for Level 3 models – 3D Model of a 0.25 km2 tile (500×500 meters area of London) is £1,000 + VAT (5 year licence).

Great news for all existing AccuCities 3D Model of London subscribers! All subscribers will receive the textured model covering 60 square kilometers as part of their subscription package* as soon as they are produced, according to the above schedule with the last delivery by the end of May 2021. There will be no extra charge for this update as it is covered by your data subscription. And of course, we will be also making the textured 3D model of London part of the Plan.City London app.

* 3D London subscription is available for £1,500+VAT / month or £12,000+VAT / year. Get in touch with us to learn more.