AccuCities Textured 3D model of London is our brand new, next-generation city model. It is already being used by our customers on live projects, but these projects are in their early stages and so their work is still unpublished. Illustrating the potential of this textured model when used by a professional CGI artist, Architecture FAB took our textured 3D London model sample and created these animated visuals.

Architecture FAB – Fabulous architectural visualisations

Architecture FAB has been formed in 2001 with a passion for visualising architectural designs in 3D. The studio has worked on high-profile projects from around the globe.

Steve Bigg, a true pioneer of using 3D technology in AEC industry, is the force behind the studio. Steve first started working for Llewelyn Davies architects in 1987 while studying at South Bank University. Working on varied projects from airports, hospitals, corporate and residential, he embraced the new CAD technology of the early 90s and began specializing in all aspects of the 3D workflow. By 1996 he was made the youngest associate director of the practice whilst embracing the 3D revolution and in 2001 decided to concentrate on 3D visualisation and formed Architecture FAB.

“Fantastic to see the advancement of 3D building and terrain models that are now available to buy.” says Steve. “The move to fully texture mapped cities will provide another level of realism that enables end users to drop their schemes into ready-made built environments, and give them the context to their schemes that would be impossible to achieve in such detail and coverage than before.”

Download your Free Textured 3D London sample

This animation has been created entirely using the free AccuCities Textured 3D London model sample. This free 1 km2 sample, just like our previously released samples, is made of 4 tiles: TQ3280SE, TQ3280SW, TQ3280NE, TQ3280NW. What makes AccuCities textured 3D model of London so unique is its accuracy and editability. We have used oblique aerial imagery to texture our Level 3 city model, which means that the 15 cm accuracy of this model is retained in the textured model. The model is structured in easy-to-use 500 x 500 meters tiles and its separation into terrain (and its land use) and individual buildings are also retained.

The model is aimed at business customers using the model as a way to visualise proposed changes to the environment, usually in a city-wide context. Our focus is therefore on the textures of roof structures and top sections of buildings, leaving residual errors and shadowing in the lower-ground sections of the model as an acceptable drawback. When required, these imperfections can be re-textured by a customer or by us to order. Read more: Re-texturing focus buildings in 3D London.