Can remote working actually improve the way architects and urban planners work? Virtual reality (VR) is the perfect way to host collaborative meetings, like design reviews, while working from home. On Thursday, April 16th, KPF’s VR Specialist Michael Koutsoubis joined Iris VR CEO & Co-Founder Shane Scranton in Episode 1 of their web series. The objective was to discuss why VR is the perfect medium to collaborate when working from home, how to set up VR meetings with your team and how KPF is moving projects forward while doing social distancing.

Why VR, Why Now: How Teams Can Collaborate Remotely and Effectively

In the inaugural Iris VR webinar, Koutsoubis and Scranton discussed how remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically accelerated the adoption of VR in design reviews, and how VR collaboration can replicate in-person interactions between clients and designers. It was great to see that they are using AccuCities 3D London model in fully collaborative VR meeting.

“Remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic show that the need for 3D city models that are accurate and detailed has never been greater,” says Sandor Petroczi from AccuCities. “Our subscribers have the highest possible degree of freedom to use our data. Once in hands of KPF’s Digital Practice and Applied Research team it is then possible to develop these kinds of applications that really do seem like the way forward. It’s so much fun and it gives so much better perspective on the city environment, bring it on.”

During their conversation and Q&A, the two VR experts shared best practices and actionable takeaways to incorporate into virtual meetings, discussed how to set up VR meetings with teams who may not have the necessary hardware, and projected possible advancements that will continue after firms return to the office.

Make sure to check out short VR session recording on KPF’s website. And of course, watch the full webinar on Iris VR website. 

PDF Version: 3D London for VR planning by KPF and IrisVR