Seeing AccuCities 3D London animations in news and documentaries is always an event for our entire team. Deutsche Welle, a German international broadcaster founded by the German federal government, streams its content via satellite and internet outlets in 15 languages. The news and educational content they produce is as state-of-the-art as you would expect. And so (as you would expect) we were fairly star-struck when they approached us with a request for animations for its new YouTube channel Planet A.

As we are not the experts, we usually answer these requests by pointing the client to one of our subscribers; for this project we would recommend both Hobs3D and EB7 Immersive as they can both produce high quality 3D London animations using our data. The only reason we took this project up was that we are genuinely interested to use our 3D city models in combating Climate change and were keen to do our bit.

The REAL reason cities are sinking DW Documentary

Custom 3D London Animations

Three 15 seconds long 3D London animations were prepared and rendered in custom version of Plan.City, our Unreal Engine 4 powered app, usually used in making animations for planning and architecture.

‘’It is indeed fairly logical that cities using up so much underground water – often built in river deltas – would be also sinking, whilst sea levels are rising,’’ said Michal Konicek from AccuCities. “But honestly, it has never even occurred to me how much this exaggerates the issue of rising ocean levels. This short documentary has made the issue very understandable and we are really happy that we could play a little part in creating it. Communicating the dangers of climate change is something we have always been very interested about and are really pleased that this issue has been taken up by such a major international network.”

Special thank you to Ajit Niranjan (Twitter Profile), DW Environment and Globalization Reporter, for working with us on this project. It was a pleasure.