In little over 2 years our 500 x 500 meters 3D London model sample has been downloaded over 2,500 times. Initially made available only to potential customers, some time ago we have allowed the Free 3D London model sample to be used for any purpose, including commercial projects, 3D printing or various pilots and experiments. The free availability of this data has been very welcome by many students and experimenters and we are incredibly proud to be part of these projects.

To allow for the widest possible use of 3D city model data, we have decided to significantly increase the size of the Free 3D London model. From today our sample model will be 4 x larger, covering an area of 1 square kilometer. No matter whether you are a student, 3D cities enthusiast, experimenter, architect or consultant, no matter whether you are based in the UK or Portugal – you can use this 3D London data in any project, including commercial projects.

“Our ambition is to be London’s most innovative mapping agency.” says Sandor Petroczi, director of AccuCities. “At the same time, we don’t have bottomless budgets and so our innovation has to come from somewhere else. By releasing this 3D city model data for free to everyone we are supporting thousands of users who would otherwise not be able to get their hands on this type of data. I am really pleased that we have been able to release this data and I am looking forward to see how the data will be used.”

This new free 3D London model is available for direct download in CAD solid and FBX formats. Twinmotion and Unreal Engine 4 formats are also available.

Creative Commons Licence

The 3D London Samples by 3D London | AccuCities is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

PDF Version: New AccuCities Free 3D London sample.