Plan.City 1.1 has been released on the 15th of September 2020, together with publishing Birmingham and Dublin as the latest 3D Cities in Plan.City. We have took on board all the comments from our users and subscribers, recorder 86 changes and improvements in the development log. Although many too small to mention, here are the main new developments & improvements.

New City: Plan.City Dublin

AccuCities 3D Model of Dublin now covers 12 square kilometres. Captured from the latest 2019 aerial survey and accurate to 15cm. The entire dataset has also been released in the Plan.City Dublin app.

New City: Plan.City Birmingham

AccuCities 3D city model of Birmingham covers an area of 7 square kilometers. Mapped from the latest aerial survey with 15 cm accuracy. The entire dataset has also been released in the Plan.City Birmingham app.

New Tool: Remove Existing Buildings

Manipulate Existing 3D City Model directly in the app with the new Plan.City 1.1 “Hide Object” functionality. It allows users to clear site by hiding existing buildings and structures.
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Visualisation & Graphics Improvements

Lots of behind-the-scenes optimisation, graphics settings and shader improvements. The mannequin previously used for 3rd person character is now fully clothed. Trees got new bushier crowns, seasonal changes and added environmental interactions.

Male 3rd Person Character

The third person character is now fully skinned and clothed . The cartoon-shaded character fits well with the shader of the app.

Reactive Trees with Seasonal Changes

The tree models have been upgraded to a be reactive to wind, atmospheric and lighting conditions, wind and even season. New bushier tree crowns are much better representation of city trees.

Maximum Building Envelope Design in Plan.City

Maximum Building Envelope Design, looking at the restrictions posed by the St Paul’s Heights Grid and London Viewing Management Framework.