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3D Model of London online in ESRI ArcGIS

ESRI ArcGIS allows us to create webscenes to view our 3D Model of London online. AccuCities city models have been designed from day one to be platform neutral. Our customers usually require 3D data [...]

Should Local Authorities invest in city models?

3D City models have been part of architectural design processes and planning for some time now. It would be difficult to imagine how architecture and construction could operate in a global city like London, [...]

Introducing Next Generation 3D Models

Communication of ideas often requires 3D context models that are not just accurate but also instantly recognisable. Next Generation Context Models of as-built environments are textured, with all main architectural features 3D modelled yet with [...]

First Tiles of 3D London Model 2019 Enlargement

AccuCities 3D London Model 2019 is under way. Our Central London 3D Model currently covers 40 square kilometers. The model will be enlarged by additional 20 km2 to 60 square kilometers throughout 2019. First [...]

Is Gamification the answer to your Players?

Modus, the magazine of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), asks whether Gamification could be the answer when companies try to improve employee engagement. As AccuCities routinely import 3D models of as-built environments into [...]

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