AccuCities 3D City Models are sought after for their accuracy, level of detail and ease of use. These characteristics mean that architects and planners can use our models with confidence. From telecoms to videogames, more and more industries take advantage of these qualities.

The Holy grail of urban-based augmented reality (AR) application is the ability to accurately position digital objects into the real-world scene.  Great advances in this area have been achieved by team XRAD – AR developer Alberto Taiuti and Danilo Pasquariello who designed and code the WebVR remote positioning client. Participating in SCAPEHACK 2019 organised by Scape Technologies in London, their project rightly won the Community Vote Award.

Utilizing our 3D model of London, team XRAD were able to create a simulated area of the location in webVR in which they were able to dynamically add virtual content at runtime. By taking advantage of Scape’s hyper-accurate location, they made it possible to display the digital content placed in the simulated world, in the physical environment.

XRAD Remote Positioning is the first platform using WebVR in combination with AR for context-aware remote placement of any content on 3D maps and real-time visualisation in the real world.

For the remote positioning of the objects in WebVR, the team used A-Frame and Luke Street area of our High Detail 3D model of a London, which allowed the team to achieve unprecedented precision. To localise the iPhone device and display the AR content they used the Scape Technologies hyper-accurate visual positioning service.

Big thank you to Scape Technologies for organising this event. And huge congratulations to team XRAD Alberto Taiuti and Danilo Pasquariello . Fantastic job guys, we certainly hope to work with you again in the future!