Here at Accucities we are delighted to announce that we recently joined the British Cartographic Society. Founded in 1963, the British Cartographic Society (BCS) is a registered charity that has provided a forum for sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas on all aspects of mapmaking and cartography for over 50 years. Today, BCS comprises mapping companies, publishers, designers, academics, researchers, map curators, individual cartographers, GIS specialists and members of the public, from around the world.

Regarded as one of the world’s leading cartographic societies, the BCS compiles publications and organises events which showcase the latest developments in mapping. Contributing to industry and the future of the discipline to promote good cartographic practice to the mapping industry and beyond, the BCS raises awareness of the importance of good quality cartography through outreach and education.

One of the aspects that we are particularly interested in is the chance to participate in conversations and collaborate with the combined experience of members within the community to push forward the capabilities of 3D maps. Our membership provides opportunities to share our know-how and best practices from our 3D Map of London and other recent projects and join discussion groups with colleagues and experts from diverse backgrounds.