AccuCities 3D Model of London subscribers have direct access to over 50 square kilometers of constantly updated and upgraded CAD 3D models. Our London app created in Unreal Engine 4 so far offered mainly an easy way to visualise the as-built environment from both pedestrian and birds eye view, with additional functionalities such as Database overlays or ability to set time and day. Our upcoming Summer 2019 update will include many exciting new tools which will turn our app into a powerful planning tool in its own right. One of the long-awaited tools is the freestyle measurement tool.

Sneak peek: Measurement Tool

The ability to measure building heights and / or height difference between two points have been a useful feature tool for over a year now. However, the straight forward ability to measure between 2 points in 3D city models was until now lacking. With new Measurement Tool users will be able to measure between any points on the model with ease. Works on Terrain, Buildings, Future Skyline Buildings and measures from few centimeters to distances spawning the entire 3D London model.

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