Global market for digital twins has been expanding rapidly in recent years. Symmetry Dimensions Inc., founded on October 20, 2014, specializes in research and development for xR (extended reality) — including virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. The development of a digital twins enabling virtual reproduction, they focus on visualising static and dynamic events happening in the real world along the provision of a digital infrastructure.

Symmetry Dimensions independently researched companies that provide technologies and services, and released the “Digital Twin Industry Chaos Map”. Published in Newsweek Japan, we are all proud and humbled to be included in the list alongside Autodesk, Dassault Systems, Bentley, ESRI and all the other key players. Thank you guys, very nice to be included with the big boys!

Mapping Digital Twin Industry

Digital twin technology that has previously been mainly used in the manufacturing industry, has seen a rapid spread into cities market. With the explosive spread of IoT devices and the advent of next-generation high-speed communication technology, it has become possible to collect and utilize data for running first city-wide digital twin experiments.

Symmetry, which builds digital twins and development platforms, has independently researched companies that provide services related to digital twins and released the digital twin industry chaos map. The chaos map created this time is a “solution provider” that provides digital twin solutions as a service in order to grasp the industry structure and players in the market, places that are indispensable for building digital twins, people, things, sensors and others.

Digital Twin Industry Chaos Map by Symmetry Dimensions

Rapid Growth of Digital Twins Market

Digital Twins technology requires digitisation and exploitation of physical objects. By converting places, people, objects and other things that exist in physical space into digital data, systems can analyse and predicted functions of physical systems with many variables. Unsurprisingly, the market size of digital twins is projected to grow from US $ 3.8 billion (2019) to US $ 35.8 billion (2025) with an annual growth rate of 38% (from Deloitte Insights Tech Trends 2020).

Digital City Twins Platform

AccuCities urban planning and digital city twin platform Plan.City has been in continuous development for over 3 years. It combines a large and detailed 3D city model, publicly available open datasets and the power of a game engine to display and manipulate city data. Plan.City already assists architects and planners in London, Birmingham and Dublin. See what’s new here.

Based on this Newsweek Japan article (デジタルツイン開発のシンメトリー、 デジタルツインに関連した技術・サービスを展開する企業をまとめた「デジタルツイン 業界カオスマップ」を公開).