BAM Construction is one of the largest contractors in Europe and one of the longest established in the UK. They use 3D context models as part of a competitive tender process to illustrate key aspects of their approach. The app offers an inexpensive way to create structured yet fully 3D presentations, illustrating the positioning of cranes, temporary structures, and scaffolding. It can also be used to demonstrate access routes, HGV turning circles and many other aspects of issues discussed during the construction work bid.

Visualisation, animations and immersive experiences

BAM is rightly proud of their award winning visualisation, animation and virtual reality team who help people to experience assets before they are built. Tools such as fly-through, 3D immersive experiences and animations allow the client, end user and the public to understand the space and make certain schemes are fit for purpose. They have recently added ‘gaming’ expertise to our skill set and have developed apps to assist clients. Building on top of AccuCities 3D London app, they created data-rich presentation for their competitive tenders team.